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LED Screen indoor B Series

B Series indoor LED: 

B3i/ B4i / B5i / B6i / B8i / B10i provides solutions for indoor fixed applications such as:

  • live concert,
  • shows,
  • exhibitions,
  • TV station,
  • live broadcasting,
  • theme parks and,
  • football matches, etc.
Catalogue SENCAS LED Screen indoor B Series
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Front-Access, Magnetic Attachment
The magnetic module can be taken out within 30 seconds, greatly save the maintenance time






Fast Assembling

Inside power cable connection change from screw fixture to plug and play; Only require 1/5 installation time of traditional cabinets.






Mistake Tracking System

Visible mistake tracking function










Zero Noise Design

Air fan free to eliminate noise; Perforated structure for the rear side to improve the heat emission.





High Refresh Rate, 281 Trillion Colors

More than 1000Hz refresh rate ; 65536 levels gray scale and 281 trillion colors.